And the 2010 Bench Buddy of the Year is....

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Jun 22, 2003
southern ohio
After tallying all the votes ,it is my honor to announce the 2010 Bench Buddy of The Year Award goes to Greatdadx2. Congrats Robert on a most deserving win, you along with our past winners are what this award is all about. Also congrats to all those who were nominated ,this years group was very deserving. Robert I will be sending out a small wiinners package to you next week. And a huge shout out to Tal for sending some box break goodies to add to the package.
As we close out another year I want to take a moment to reflect on 2010. For most of us 2010 has been a very trying year with the ecomonic troubles we have endured. I know many of our valued members have lost jobs and income to make ends meet. And many have had to downsize or completely sell out collections and leave the hobby.
We have seen Benchies add to their families and have shared their great joy of the birth of son and daughters, with us. And sadly some of our members have lost loved ones in death and we all have taken time to think of them.
Our sports community has seen the passing of many of our boyhood heroes in 2010.
Some bright moments for our site this year was welcoming Matt aka Meliah back to our Mod ranks and GM ranks and adding Slavlite aka Nick to the gm role. They both work tirelessly for the betterment our our site.
As I look forward to 2011 I feel we have turned the corner and our economy will improve. And hopefully that will add to everyones expendable income lol.
As a Bench site goal for 2011 I would like to purpose this ... that all active members pledge to help get the YSL set completed. I think we as a site need to go the extra mile to get this done . For those of you who have local card shops ..take a list of our needs to them. Any one have connections in TV or Radio.. use them. Lets work extra hard to get out the word and finish this off. The money as we all know goes to a great cause. Thanks for the efforts of Tal, Meliah, DavidK and Leon as well as other for all your hard work thus far on this mega set. So as I close out 2010 , let me speak for all THE MODS ,when I say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! for making this the best trading site period. Happy New Year!!!
And be safe.
Peace out and trade on and again Congrat Robert - BBOTY 2010!!
Randy -The Resident Fatboy!
Congratulations Robert on landing the 2010 Bench Buddy of the Year! A tight race this year with 6 other outstanding traders....each of them worthly of the title! Best regards, David
Robert you and the rest of the others guys are very good traders and deserved to be nominated. :) God bless you!!!!