Archie Manning TTM Sporst Illustrated PIC ADDED

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Apr 8, 2008
So I've done IP autos for several years now, but just recently started trying my hand at TTM. I picked Mr. Archie Manning for my first attempt since I really wanted him for my PC. First I sent him 1 card using the address in the database. I did a card first because (1) I wanted to make sure the address was good and (2) it was my first ttm and I wanted to do a test run to make sure i did everything correctly... I got the card back signed in just 10 days, so i decided that i would give it a shot. I sent Archie my September, 1970 edition of Sports Illustrated which he is on the cover of with Ole Miss, and I received it back autographed in blue sharpie today. It just took 9 days!!!! Looks great, and I've scanned a pic of it to put in my bucket so i could link it here, but my bucket is acting screwy and won't upload it correctly. I tried scanning it again on a lower quality (so it would be a smaller file) and it still wouldn't upload. Never had this problem before, but I will try again sometime this weekend to get a pic, but I was too excited to wait and post.


After the success I kind of got addicted to TTM (especially since I've gotten rid of most of my trade bait, and trading has been slow of late). I mailed out cards to these guys today, got all the addresses from the TTM database, and tried to pick guys I would want for my PC but also had good success rates for signing TTM, hopefully I will get some back soon.

Stan Musial (sent card, but expect the postcard)
Duke Snider
Bobby Doerr
Whitey Herzog
Mike Mussina
Fred McGriff
Roberto Alomar

thanks for the read!
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A terrific success! Congrats on the Manning! He was an amazing QB. Unfortunatelty, he played on some horrible Saints teams back in the '70's. How many times do you see a player on a losing club win the NFC MVP Award? That's what he did in 1978, when the Saints went 7-9. Look at both Peyton and Eli, and look at what they've accomplished. They learned the game and got the skills they have from their dad. If Archie had the protection Peyton has, and the quality of receivers both of his sons have enjoyed, you can bet Archie would be in Canton today.
How did you package the cover?

I packaged it the same way it was sent to me when I ordered if off ebay a while back. I put the magazine in a page protector and put it in a large clasp envelope. Then i included the SASE which was also a large clasp envelope but just a size smaller but still big enough for the magazine to fit inside. It had to be folded slightly to fit in my mailbox but wasn't folded sharply, just enough to make it fit, I didn't crease at all.

thanks guys!