Beckett vs PSA

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Oct 16, 2002
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I 've sent 6 submissions to PSA consisting of almost 200 cards to PSA over the last several years. Some were free to grade when joining annual subscription (not really free) but most cost $20 each to grade. My success rate was 51% coming back PSA 9 or PSA 10. I've learned what to look for when considering what to send as my percentage has gone up over the last three submissions. My only beef is the time it takes nearly 6 months to get the cards back. I have 5 Trout RC's (11 Topps Update) I would love to get graded but the cost to grade at PSA is upwards of $100 ea. I've never sent to Beckett
Discussion points:
Duration for Beckett return
Cost to grade Trout RC
How to contact Beckett
Any thoughts, thx Jim
Trout PSA 10's sell for over 3500 on average. If they end up being graded high it's going to cost you more than $100 to grade them when they upcharge them to super express (350 per)
Grading the Trouts with PSA now will cost about $300/each. But if the cards are clean, it's a great investment in your collection and well worth it.
PSA carries a hefty premium over BGS in sales values right now.
You might consider HGA (I think that's the right acronym). I've heard their 10s are virtually impossible. And they look really sharp.
I'm not a fan of BGS, SGC, and HGA due to their massive holders. They use some much wasted plastic which takes away from the card. For me, if I were going to sell, it wouldn't matter, but if you are planning on PCing it, PSA slabs are some much nicer.

Still even resale, PSA overall tops all prices.