BGS submission status?

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
so I sent in 40 first order with them i've sent in myself.

They have in the status:

No of cards sent : 40
No of cards graded: 41

what does that mean?????

Also...does your online status ever update before the email is sent out with your results or does that all happen at about the same time?

My due date is 7/20/10 so shouldn't be much longer....will let you guys know how I do when I get the news lol...not expecting much though, just some PC stuff I wanted slabbed.
If one card has an autograph on it they count it as a second grade, so one card could have two grades, one for the card, one for the auto.
I would think that it's just a data entry error. It's happened before to others from what I've seen.

Best of luck on your grades!