Review Bowman Sterling - MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Bowman Sterling - MLB

6 packs per box and 5 cards per pack
'Look for Autograph Cards of Top Prospects and Topps Exclusive WBC Game-Worn Jersey Relic Cards in Every Pack!'

I received the following:

3 Bowman Sterling Rookies
J. Chacin
E. Young
G. Golson

3 Prospects
A. Buchholz
W. Rosario
B. Bailey


This premium issue is beautiful! For those of us who have been collecting for many years, these cards are terrific! The background design does not overpower the picture of the player. The cards are very stiff and some even have a little curl to them. The reverse has stats plus a Bowman Reflection portion of the card. However, there are no numbers on the cards - only initials of the set - BS/BSP and the player's initials. For those of us who chase sets, it would be great if we had card numbers....



Prospects #ed to 199
J. Owings
P. Paramore

Rookies #ed to 199
J. Mayberry
T. Crowe


These are clearly marked 'Refractor' on the reverse.

Black and Gold Parallel Refractors

Gold #ed to 50
G. Parra


Black #ed to 25
C. Angelini

Game Used - WBC

N. Weglarz
H. Robb
H. Ryu
H. Chen

Game Used WBC - Refractors #ed to 199

Shin-Soo Choo

Box Topper
Blue Game Used WBC - Refractor
#ed to 125

Kwang-Hyun Kim

Prospect Autos

R. Grossman
A. White
R. Fuentes
M. Trout
C. James
C. Heisey
T. Wheeler
C. Jenkins


Rookie Autos
N. Reimold
A. Bastardo

Dual Refractor Auto

B. Posey
F. Cervelli

Gold Refractor Auto #ed to 50

Chad Jenkins


WOW !! 2 autos and 1 game used per pack!! Excellent!!

What a great issue for the rookie and prospect collector. Numbered parallels, autos, what more could someone want from a card product? Maybe more packs per box.... Could prove to be a little bit of a work in progress to collect the set w/o card numbers.

Autos look very good even though they are sticker autos. Each one looks to be well placed on the card.

The refractors are both easy to distinguish and easy to find the word 'refractor' on the reverse.

Overall Grade A++ Excellent!

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays all to me!!

sweet review! if the team Korea GU are FT please lmk collecting them for a neighbor here. she korean. thanks!
Sweet break! I would be interested in the Trout, Fuentes and Posey/Cervelli dual auto. LMK
Ohhhhhhh I so love Bowman products....thanks for sharing and congrats on some awesome pulls!

I'd love the Weglarz GU and also interested in the Ichiro Refractor GU....possibly the Shoo

I have a great Longoria GU #18/18....

Lmk what is available....thanks again.
My Longoria ROY GU is about to be traded...

However, I do have Carl Crawford game used, and also Tex's 2002 USA Jersey.

Lmk if we can work a deal.

Duane - I'm interested in the Trout and Reimold autos. Interested in any of these Rays?

Kazmir, Scott (TB) 2007 Sweet Spot SW-SK jersey Sweet Swatch
Kazmir, Scott (TB) 2006 Bowman Originals 22 autograph /661
Upton, B.J. (TB) 2009 SP Authentic BTL-UB autograph By The Letter Signatures "O" /30
Upton, B.J. (TB) 2009 UD Spectrum SS-BJ patch Spectrum Swatches /25
Upton, B.J. (TB) 2007 Topps Heritage CC-BU bat Clubhouse Collection
Zobrist, Ben (TB) 2009 Topps Update AST-G jersey All-Star
OK here's the deal.... Several of you want the same card(s)...

Trishlp, zlw1, dp33 - Reimold auto -- Pick a number between 1 and 100 - closest to the number w/o going over - gets Reimold.

75zito and tigerace - Ichiro gu - Pick a number between 300 and 400 - closest to the number w/o going over gets Ichiro.

89giants and dan55 -- Paramore -- Pick a number between 36 and 125 - closest to the number w/o going over gets Paramore.

I will not add anyone to any of these 'contests'... one and done.

Just post your guesses here.

All guesses must be posted by Wed Jan 27th at 9:08pm.