buy it now + = cash back?

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
Any of you guys buy cards on ebay using and get cash back?

I had a few high dollar purchases to make of $300 -$400 each...and I've gotten 8% back...adds up fast...$25 to $30 a pop...saved over $100 this way so you get ebay bucks...up to around $35 so far for this period.

I have been wanting to get a DiMaggio auto for a while, best deal around is the Score oversized has them for about $125 + shipping...I picked one up on ebay buy it now for $138 and got the cashback + the ebay bucks on it...ended up paying about $125 for it that way...was cheaper than getting it shipped or buying some junk wax i didn't want to get the free shipping.

anyway...just figured I'd see if any of you guys knew about this or are doing it...if not you should sign up, it adds up fast if you buy a lot on ebay, especially higher dollar stuff.

So...bottom line is...I got my DiMaggio auto lol.
I prefer that I always use the link from this site so that The Bench can have a bit of revenue and not have to charge us users a monthly fee. I hope people understand how that works.
Looks cool, thanks!


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