Buying vintage on Sportlots

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May 10, 2003
Fort Plain,NY
Hello folks. Not many know but I've been dabbling into vintage a bit lately. My first project is building the 1973 Topps set since it was the year I was born and thought it would be fun. I see a bunch of singles on Sportlots in varying conditions and no pics. To those who have experience buying vintage singles on Sportlots,if a seller lists a card in EX condition do you trust that the card is graded correctly? I'm just scared of buying a bunch of EX cards only to receive them with creases,rounded corners and badly centered. It's just hard to tell with no pic and I'm relying on the seller's feedback that the card is as advertised.

Anyone care to share their experiences on this matter?

I have been picking up 1975 Topps minis lately and have had no problems at all with the conditions listed. I also purchased some 1960's and 1971's and never had any problems.
Entirely depends on the seller. Buying any vintage (or even modern) sight unseen is a roll of the dice.
I have received cards from traders here that had unannounced creases and dings. They made good on the trades, but it just goes to show that you could easily get some surprises from a site like Sportlots.

I have found that if you have a good LCS, it might be worthwhile looking at their commons boxes. Mine has quite a lot in exmt or better and sells at 30% BV. Best to see the condition for yourself and make your own appraisals.
They are hit or miss on vintage. If you buy some, take note of the seller. It doesnt take long to see how sellers grade. I used sportlots to finish 73, 74, and 75. Most wereright on but a few were turds.
Thanks for all the advice gang. I'm thinking about buying some singles in the EX-MT to NM grade just in case they're overgrading if they don't have pics.

I'm only 75 cards short and being a newbie with building a set like this,I must say it's cool flipping through the binder looking at all the cards. Brings me back to my teen years and reminds me why I love this hobby so much.