Can you CEY success??

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
Ron Cey - 1/1 (7 days)
22714 Creole Rd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

My wife and I went to see the Mississipi Surge hockey team play Friday/Saturday night and she stuck around with me to get autos after the game was over. I got the whole team (except two players) on a program on Friday night, and Saturday night I got a couple of 4x6 photos signed and also had about half the team sign my hat for me. I will get pictures up once I get a new USB cord for my camera.
nice on the Cey...I have been thinking about coming down to a surge game as I would like to get a stick and maybe some pucks signed....are they pretty good signers in general?
Yep, all the guys come out after the games and sign autos. It's really cool. I just happened to miss the two I needed for my program on Friday night, but hope to get them this weekend.