Can you save a card once it is creased

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Sep 22, 2004
I have a gu card I would like to try and fix. Does anyone know a way to fix a gu card once it has creases in it. The card is creased from the gu piece to the bottom of the card. Any help would be great

Thanks, Jeff
best bet is to just leave it alone unless its current and you can request a replaement for it...even then you would probably not get the same card back.

if it's rare, best to just not mess with it, most of the time you will end up making it worse.
I had pulled a Nolan Ryan GU from 2010 National Chicle and up in the upper right hand corner there was a small tear in the paper. It looked like it was lighty pressed with some sort of tool to cause the damage. I emailed topps and while I was waiting for a reponse a guy offered to seend me a Drew Stubbs AU for it. I told him about the damage sent a scan and he still agreed. So I cut my loss, and never looked back. Funny part is I still havent received a reply from topps.
Nothing can be done really.. I have a 1/1 Kazmir auto in my possession that was purposely creased by someone unhappy about a deal from the guy I got it from.. From my favorite set too.. Reflections.. All I can do about it is to keep it in a magnetic case and try to flatten it out a little.. Can hardly tell where it is either