Card dealer of commons


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I was wondering if anyone knows of a good online card dealer who deals with commons. I need a lot for TTH and in person but my local card shop is pain to deal with. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey Corey,
What years are you looking for? I have tons of stuff from the mid to late 80's, tons of early 90's and a good amount of late 00's. LMK if you're looking for anything in particular and I'll see what I can do. I can sell cheap and mail in a flat rate box to minimize the cost of shipping. LMK, thanks much



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if you have a list of players you want , feel free to add me to the list of people willing to help supply you...have over 2 million cards on hand that i'm still sorting and organizing and would be glad to pull base material aside for bulk trades or sales.....


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I'm looking for the following two commons if anyone can be of help -

I am looking to trade for the following two cards -

1985 Donruss 595 Lozado, Willie
1985 Fleer Base Set BB 644 W Lozado/Vic Mata

Let me know if you can help. I'd ideally like to get both from the same person.