Celebrity Apprentice (Goldberg, Bret Michaels, Sinbad, Darryl Strawberry)


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Yesterday I went to the set of Celebrity Apprentice where all the guys on the show were and got Bill Goldberg, Sinbad, Darryl Strawberry, and Bret Michaels. Rod Blagojevich walked over to shake everyone's hands. Goldberg told a friend and I, "Come back tomorrow we're doing an event here from 12-2!"

Today I went to the Kodak event and there was a small crowd when I got there. They let people in at 12 pm. Bill Goldberg had a small wrestling ring setup. Darryl Strawberry had a home plate setup with a baseball bat and a glove. Curtis Stone was making food. Bret Michaels had his drum set and guitars. Michael Johnson had a track & field setup with his golden shoes. Sinbad and Rod Blagojevich were taking pictures. I went to Goldberg and he said, "You again! I'm gonna have to put a name on your photo!" I went to Darryl Strawberry and got a photo with him, also talked to him for a little bit. He signed my baseball and inscribed it "83 NL ROY." I got a photo with Michael Johnson and talked with him. He signed my autograph book. I walked over to Bret Michaels and he personalized my photo. He asked if I wanted a photo with, but I told him he took one with me yesterday. I walked back over to Goldberg, he personalized my photo. I held the championship belt they had there for the photo with and Goldberg tossed me on his shoulder with one arm. Before I left, former bodyguard turned-actor Chuck Zito signed my autograph book. Came back when the event was over and got Darryl Strawberry to sign a baseball card.

Bill Goldberg 1/1 autograph book
Sinbad 1/1 autograph book
Darryl Strawberry 1/1 blank
Bret Michaels 1/1 autograph book inscribed "Rock of Love", photo with

Darryl Strawberry 1/1 SS OMLB inscribed "83 NL ROY", 1/1 card, photo with
Michael Johnson 1/1 autograph book, photo with
Bret Michaels 1/1 8x10 personalized
Bill Goldberg 1/1 8x10 personalized, photo with
Chuck Zito 1/1 autograph book


Bill Goldberg signed autograph book


Bill Goldberg signed+personalized 8x10


Sinbad signed autograph book


Chuck Zito signed autograph book


Bret Michaels signed autograph book inscribed Rock of Love


Bret Michaels signed+personalized 8x10 inscribed Rock on


Michael Johnson signed autograph book


Darryl Strawberry signed card


Darryl Strawberry signed blank


Darryl Strawberry SS OMLB inscribed "83 NL ROY"


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Darn, I like that baseball. His auto looks a lot better on the baseball than the others he signed. I would like to have one of those with a sweet auto like that (hint, hint).