*Complete*. 2022 Topps Gold Label 3 Box Break.

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Jan 4, 2004
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This is the last year for Gold Label as it's been discontinued for 2023.
Boxes are in hand!!!

Checklist is found here.

2022 Topps Gold Label, 7 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.
-> 1 Autograph per box, and at least 3 parallels per box, with at least 1 serial numbered.

This break will be done on YouTube Live. We will coordinate a date/time once the break fills, and payments are received.
-> This is a no-skunk break where if you do not get at least one card from the break, you will receive 50% of your purchase price of the team refunded!

Shipping and Handling is included in the final price. So if you win a team for $10, that's it! No strings attached.
Paypal F&F is requested. Any payments done via Paypal G&S, I request a 4.9% additional charge to cover fees.

Baltimore $8 mechjo16
Toronto $9 LarryG
New York (AL) $30 gestes72
Boston $13 dubby25
Tampa $27 mcgwirenut
Detroit $10 Mechjo16
Minnesota $8 LarryG
Chicago (AL) $5 mcgwirenut
Kansas City $15 2000doubles
Cleveland $5 grapler135s
Seattle $38 Rburke02
Texas $6 LarryG
Houston $10 Therion
Oakland $5 zlw1
Los Angeles (AL) $22 mcgwirenut
Philadelphia $15 klut18
Washington $10 mcgwirenut
Atlanta $17 mcgwirenut
Miami $9 mcgwirenut
New York (NL) $15 mcgwirenut
Milwaukee $5 grapler135s
Chicago (NL) $8 gestes72
Pittsburgh $20 mcgwirenut
Cincinnati $8 zlw1
St Louis $15 mcgwirenut
Colorado $5 zlw1
Arizona $5 zlw1
San Francisco $6 gestes72
Los Angeles (NL) $11 mcgwirenut
San Diego $10 2000Doubles

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