First post here, a few recent successes, though!

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Bench Warmer
Oct 19, 2010
Mornin', everyone. First off, thanks to the folks who run this site, as I've barely scratched the surface of what's here, and already, The Bench has brought me much awesomeness.

Now, for the fun stuff:

Don Zimmer (or perhaps Mrs. Don Zimmer, according to some rumors; either way, awesome and I'm totally grateful...after all, the card's for me, not Spence...), 1/1 on a '90 Topps card with about a week's turnaround back in August. My two cents on the auto thing after doing some basic Google Images research is that, if it's Mrs. Zimmer's sig, she does a nice job of emulating Don's pre-signing in bulk for Steiner and the like sig.

Don Newcombe 0/1 (but he did return my card) maybe a week after Zim, with the price list. Figured I'd give it a shot even knowing the usual result, if for no other reason than to get the price list. Does anyone here know if Newk still travels, particularly to NYC-area shows?

Don Mossi 1/1 (On a '62 Topps card, in ball point! I'm probably nuts for doing it, but again, mine!) a few weeks after Zim's card came back.

Ahnold! 1/1 about a month after my email request, on the same 8 x 10 that everyone else is getting. I haven't matched my scan of it up with anyone else's here to see if there's Autopen action going on there, but he is signing in the same spot on each. Being an elected official, forgery would be bad, no? ;)

And probably my favorite so far, even though it took the longest so far to get here:

Carl Erskine 3/2 (I sent him 2 '08 Threads, he sent me 3!) after about 2 months, accompanied by a nice signed note at the bottom of my original letter. Total class act there!

I've got one from my first batch of recent attempts (Bernie Williams) still in the ether somewhere. Has anyone had luck with him TTM?

Also sent a card to Rusty Kuntz about 2 years ago c/o the Royals, but no luck there. Anyone have better luck than I have so far?

Thanks again to everyone who runs and contributes to this site, as you've made collecting that much more fun!
Hey, congrats on your successes. I never heard about Mrs. Zimmer signing his mail. I dont think so, because I have gotten him IP and TTM and both signatures look the same. Also, I sent to Bernie Williams twice over the last two years, with no success. I guess he stopped signing. Anyway, nice successes for your first post!
congrats on your pick ups, I had success with Kuntz c/o KC during spring training this year, and welcome to the bench.
Nice day! Congrats!

By the way, I read an article online several years ago about Mrs. Zimmer. She said Don hasn't seen his fan mail in years and she signs everything. If you look at IP successes and TTM successes you can see subtle differences.