For the DEDICATED player collector...guest appearance question!

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Jul 2, 2005
Loyalty32 got me going on the guest appearance cards (cards belonging to another player but with your player visible in the background) and on a recent search I saw these.

Would you "chase" these, if were the only part of YOUR player is his HAND? See these samples:
I would have a seriously hard time. I know I don't have too many Harden's but I have a hard time even thinking about the Cosigners cards where he is still pictured much less a card with only his hand lol
Not sure if I'd go that far but if I run out of cards to pick up I may change my mind and start to pick ones like that up. It may be hard to find out which cards they would be on.
I do collect my O'neill guest appearance cards but I think I have to see more tham 50 percent of him, lol.
lol that's a little to much. If for some reason I was able to get every single Josh Hamilton card, I might consider stuff like that. Emphasis on "might." Yanks21 said it best. It'd really have to be more than 50% of him/something that shows that is your player. Great discussion!
Unless Brunell played every play of every game, how can you know for sure it is even his hand pictured??? Maybe it's a play where another QB was playing.

I would not, but then again I don't really see too many baseball cards with just hands on them either!:D

I can't think of a single cameo for Garvey anyway, so I kinda have to say I don't collect them at all! I would though, if he were visible. Wes Parker has a sweet cameo on one of Garvey's cards though.
I would not. I only casually go after Henderson cards where he is visably recognizable by someone else, not just a part of him where only I know it is Henderson/

Thanks for the response...some of you are born comedians!! Hmmm...then how about this one where you see his feet (it's him cause I SEE his knee brace! He's directly behind Taylor)


At this point, I'm leaning on "no" unless I see his face or jersey #

BTW - why does the scans "show" sometimes and other times just the "link"????
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You now what....Everybody collects what they want....I know before I went through the posts here, I was saying CRAIG WOULD.....If you want to collect that type of card I say go for it, I think it is refreshing when collectors put a twist on their collection....I think it is "DRAGONSLAYER" that collects Topps Baseball cards with the numbers of the cards being his B-Day (month/day/year).
Again I say
GO FOR IT...It would be fun
jaderock ~ I tried to fix your pic for you but I think I just screwed it up because now I can't get the pic to show at all. Sorry about that. That Pacific card with the hand just cracked me up! I think you would have to be a really hardcore collector to go that far :)
I would only collect it if it had a face, jersey number, or jersey name visible. I have a few of these for Ripken but it's very hard to find them because some of the players that Ripken is on the card with are so random such as Geronimo Berroa and Jim Thome. Who knows what other player's cards he might be seen on.

As for the picture posting issue, whenever you post a pic, do not use the "quick reply" at the bottom of the page. Always click "go advanced" and then it will always display the picture instead of the link. The same thing for editing a post with a pic in it, click the "edit" button and then click the "advance edit" or whatever it is to make sure it displays the pic instead of the link. Hope that is clear enough.
Only if I was collecting cards of Thing.

LOL! That seriously made me laugh.

As for the original post, I would never pursue cards where Chipper is not the featured player. I have enough trouble finding/trading for the cards where Chipper is the featured player...