Frank Thomas Collector's Please Help

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Aug 5, 2008
Norfolk Va.
What is this card? I believe it is a 1994 only other info on the card is Big Bang Cards. Any Help Please. Thanks in advance.

Thanks they did do a lot of odd cards anyone else agree or disagree would love to hear more thoughts.
Do you have a scan of the back? Tim Peichel (user tpeichel) is building a database of these types of cards and might be able to help.
Mine was in a lot I just got and it had 2 Griffey Jr.(RC) 89 Fleer. So not to bad it only cost me $15.00
I have a few hundred of those types of Thomas cards...magazine cards, broders, etc. I enjoyed collecting them at the time and don't mind having them now. I would never chase them as aggressively these days, but then again in 1994-5, we chased ANYTHING!
mopar that is so true I just ran across a Bo.Jackson Topps (RC) I remember back in the day I probably had 30-50 because the cards was so cool.