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Going to try my luck with BGS


4.90 star(s)
While going through my cards, I came across three cards that look good enough to get graded, so im gonna try my luck!

2009-10 Bowman '52 Blake Griffin RC
2014 Topps Chrome Rookie Die Cuts Johnny Manziel
2015 Bowman Prospects Kris Bryant

I already packaged the cards up, before scanning pics of them -_- LOL. I think the Griffin will come back a solid 9 or better, as it has been in a toploader since the day I pulled it. The Bryant, hopefully a 9 or better. Bowman cards are always iffy on the edges. And the Manziel, we will see as it is a die cut and its hard to tell whether or not its off centered or not LOL. Guess ill find out in a little over a month!