Got my Bradshaw auto replacement in today....and it was....

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA

Steven Jackson Patch Auto from 2005 # 148/150

and this is the card I got that says "No Autograph" on it.


back side that says it is signed:


--overall...not too shabby...I was just happy to get the Bradshaw card in even though it's not signed...the 3 color patch of Jackson was pretty awesome of them to throw in there for a freebie...was honestly not expecting very much...I'm more than happy with what I got...already sent them a "thank you". top things off I got this in today...which I didn't have:


Sweet BGS 9.5/10, but that is one crummy "AB44" auto...players today don't even take a second to spell anymore :(

Glad the replacement was satisfactory ESPECIALLY with the nice game he had today! :)
Nice patch... should be easier to trade that for a AB!!!

from what I understand from talking with him...the card companies tell him how to sign certain things...on all of the Topps stuff its a full signature...most of the UD stuff had "AB 44" on it...the Donruss stuff is a mix of the two...Press Pass had full sigs, one signed just "Ahmad" and a few of the "Go Herd!" and red ink...stuff like that...kinda odd how it all works out...I'd rather have the full sig with the 44 on it myself...i think that looks the best.
Maybe you can mail him a silver sticker or clear sticker for an autograph for that card so you can put it on the card yourself.
Just an option floating around..
I had Vernon wells do that for me on a hot prospects card that was never suppose to exist.
Auto/Patch to /150 is a pretty nice replacement.

Very interesting read on the way he signs different company's cards.