Help with identification of this Goose Gossage Patch card????

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Jul 4, 2008
Hey everyone,

I just got this card in a lot I recently purchased. The card is a 2005 SP Legendary Cuts Classic Careers Patch of Goose Gossage 29/50.

When I received the card I noticed that there is a stamp on the card of the Miami dolphins logo just over the Sp Legendary Cuts logo. Here is the scan:


I was wondering if anyone knew whether this was some promotion from a card show, or a special release, or if it is just an error card.

I also noticed the patch has some unusual colors for the teams Goose Gossage played for, so I was leaning towards error, but you never know.

Any help or opinions would be appreciated.

That is weird.. it looks like the patch is from a Mariners jersey too!

the card companies do this all the time...drives me nuts.

Didn't realize that.. not sure why the would put him in a Yankee uniform on the card though.. lol

Yes they use one stock photo for a whole bunch of cards. I've seen quite a few HOF GU mismatched this way too. Billy Williams pictured as a Cub but the jersey is a bright yellow A's piece, Frank Robinson pictured as an Oriole but the jersey is a Dodgers piece, etc.
Well at lest it could be Goose's patch. I was thinking it might be a miami dolphins patch, because of the dolphins stamp, thinking it was an error.