Hi my name is RustyGreerFan and I have an ADDICTION!

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Jun 9, 2010
Gastonia NC
Hey all!

I have been out of the game for TEN LONG YEARS! Only recently I started picking up cards here and there for my Rusty Greer collection. While there is one Rusty Greer collector I can never match, I would still like to build up my collection. I hope to start trading soon.

I hope I last longer than the new guys six posts below this one. Banned already? :eek: This made me nervous and I checked the rules. As long as naming yourself as a player collector is reason enough to PM someone about that player I should be in the clear so far...
Welcome to the Bench. I am sure you will add to your collection here at the Bench. I do knot have any at the time but I will be on the look out. You should ad your user name to the Bench’s player collector list.

I am not to sure how nuts you are as far as a player collector but I thought I would bring it to your attention that Rusty Greer is pictured sliding into second base on John Valentin 1998 SPx Finite #67. Here at the Bench we call that a guest appearance card. When your player is pictured on the card of another player. I do have that Valentin card if you decide to get as nuts as us, lol

I do have a Greer card in my collection, well sort of. The only thing Greer is the name. This card is numbered 21/25 (O’neills uniform number) I have a few but only the number 21/25 was the Greer Error. I will show you a scan to see what it looks like.
I have a few signed cards I would be willing to trade for other Rangers if you have anything, PM me if interested. Welcome to The Bench!! :D