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Hobby Box Break was disappointing


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So I finished busting my hobby box, and I guess I'm venting a bit. I was really disappointed with the hits.

The relic was a Hamels Game Used. I'm a big Hamels fan, so I'm OK with that but it's not a great hit.
I got a Red variant of a Topps Salute-- /25, so I guess that's pretty good.

But, there were only 2 golds and 3 rainbow foils. No rarer paralels or short prints or anything. I don't think I've ever opened a hobby box with only 2 golds, and no black or a pink or something rare. Plus all the buybacks were junk wax era.

I see the odds on golds are 1:15 instead of 1:10; not sure why they changed those.

Are others finding the same thing? Or should I say that I got the Salute /25 and be happy with the rest and stop venting?
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Haven't opened hobby boxes but the jumbos we opened were pretty good. Received vintage, black, fathers day blue and one auto was #'d to 25. I did notice that the gold and Foils were not as frequent as in the past, maybe this will put some value back into them kind of like the SP's. Last year the SP's were fairly easy to pull and ended up booking around $3 for the commons this year after 4 jumbos and tons of retail I have not seen 1 yet so hopefully Topps is trying to put some value back into the cards.

David K.

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I had a better time with the silver packs...two for the jumbo and one for the regular hobby box........pulled a red of Arcia 2/5! Best regards, David PS gold was only 4 per jumbo......Best regards, David