How do you complete your base sets?

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Apr 13, 2010
I’m slowly getting back into collecting after taking a few months off for personal reasons. My question is…how do members of The Bench complete the majority of there base sets? Do you buy a couple boxes or just pickup lots off of e-bay for a fraction of the price? I’m trying to figure out the best way to work on the 2011 sets when they come out.
When I was a set collector, I would buy one hobby box of the cards, then trade off the hits/inserts/parallels for the remaining cards I needed.

It all depends on whether the set you are building has SP's in it. If the set has a bunch of SP's, you can usually trade for the remaining base cards, and either find someone else who opened a box and swap extra SP's or buy off of eBay.

The most cost-effective way of doing it if you're not opening boxs is to buy starter lots here on the bench or on eBay. I have seen plenty of deals on eBay where dealers will open 10 cases of products and basically "give" away the sets for a fraction of their value.
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It also depends on if you like opening boxes of cards. I like to open 1 to 2 boxes of each set that I do and then trade for the rest.

I will buy limited amounts of blasters or packs of the sets I want. Lately I pick up lots on ebay and trade to finish.

Early this week I picked up a lot of 60 2008 A&G cards, a mix of inserts, base and minis for $4.50 delivered. That would have been $40.00 worth of blasters.

Welcome back to the hobby!

Normally I will buy one hobby box of regular Topps. Usually get a set out of that. If that doesn't work most shows usually have someone who has commons for sale for a nickle each. Sportlots is also an excellent place to pick up commons but they are at least 18 cents each. But if you buy enough you can get discounts.
I usually buy one hobby box of Topps. Whatever I am missing, I trade for here at The Bench. I can't tell you how many sets have been completed by trades with other set collectors here. We have a great group of traders, so starting or finishing sets is pretty easy, as long as you have something that the other traders would want.

Good luck in 2011!