how do you store cards in different weather conditions?

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Hawaiian BamBam

Dec 25, 2008
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looking for advice on how to store cards to protect them from different weather conditions, such as moisture, humidity and weather in hawaii.. i was thinking of putting each one in a penny sleeve, then a top loader and then a teams set sealed bag, then put them in a plastic container. base cards i was just going to put in a penny sleeve then in regular card pages, then in an album. your thoughts please?
where are ur cards currently being stored? i do the same thing as well.

i store my cards in a big cardboard sorting box that contains 3 rows and i have a couple of albums for the base in their sleeves. i place the cards under my bed in room temperature at all times. never been an issues at all. cards are in excellent condition. check what temps u have them stored at.
I keep my cards in large 3,000 count boxes. The cards are in plastic sleeves and the more expensive cards are in plastic sleeves in top loaders. I have about 35 boxes in closet. Best regards, David