how to make custom cards?

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Jul 7, 2007
Lake Elmo, MN
I really want to make a set of custom cards for my IP Twins autos. I really like this bloggers cards as an example (they can be seen in various pics throughout the blog):

I have GIMP photo manipulation software and know how to use it, but alot of design features people use seem really adavnced. Any advice?
the only software you need
adobe creative suite
this card was made with photoshop and illustrator
Wow, that Lincy is cool. It seems complicated to make such a thing, but I will see what I can do. Thanks for the posts everyone.
photoshop will do it. making a custom card should be pretty easy using basic functions (drop shadows,gradients, etc). You can find simple tutorials online, but the hard part is getting photoshop. You could get photoshop elements, which is a lot cheaper.

also, is a great resource to find many different font styles to choose from.