HUGE Pull from a Promo Box

Do you like the design of these cards?

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Sep 29, 2007
I finally got my Free Promo Box of TriCitySportPL Cut Edition! I busted it yesterday and was suprised it was a VERY NICE cut auto of Casey Stengal i think he is a hof?

I have to write a full review for this product which was the catch for a promo box!

I am not huge fan of the design but the cut auto's are clean so i would say it's good stuff!

I added a poll to see if you guys like the design or not just to make sure my review is accrute?

Please vote on the poll and tell me what you think about these cut auto cards?


Casey Stengal Cut Auto 1/4 (HOF) ^^^^^^^
Casey Stengel is a Hall of famer. That card looks like one of the broder cards from the late 90's. Just my opinion.
A little too "clean" for my taste. They might as well just have a redemption card and send you the piece the auto was cut from.
great auto
the card almost doesn't look real. maybe like it was edited in some amateur photo editing software. weird kind of basic design for such a great auto to complement it
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The auto looks very nice, the card is a joke...i mean any 3rd grader could design a better looking card than that? You don't have to put much on it, but that looks like zero effort was put in to it.

what is this stuff anyway? and who is putting it out?
Yikes !!
Just in time for Holloween,..

Very nice auto though, I would overlook the design if it was colored in crayon just to have it.

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Boring design, looking like it was made by a beginning computer user. You have to like a Stengel auto, but then again how much are the packs? I'd rather have a 3x5 card myself that a card like that. No license = no creativity.
The more I look at the card the more it looks like a Photoshop image with the cut placed into it. Is the back of the card plain or what does it look like?
Outside of the completely generic design, who authenticated the cut? I do not know enough about the company but know they need to be like Emeril and kick it up a notch if they want to make it in the card business.