I think I found a picture of Meliah during the 70's

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May 12, 2005
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If you never met Matt then this picture should help. I would say that he resembles the player wearing number 43 for the Pirates. Maybe it is just the beard. If it is not him then it must be some long lost relative.

I believe number 19 is Jim Rooker who pitched with the Pirates from 1973-1980. And I think 32 is Ed Ott who was a Pirate from 74 to 80.

So since I can't figure out number 43, I guess it must be Meliah. Or possibly some minor league guy who never made it up to the Pirates while wearing that number.


Meliah in 2009 on the left at the Fans Edge Card Show in Chicago

Seems to be a match
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No wonder why they didn't want Matt in Pittsburgh! They found out he was a Cubs fan! lol

Awesome Picture!
poor Matt now his mail box will be stuffed full of ttm autos and possibly Upper Deck or Topps will come caling for some of that facial hair to add to one of their cards. Something like a card that sez Facial Hair Foursome ,and feature faical hair of greats Gene Garber,Rollie Fingers,Matt ,and Steve Bedrosain. Wow that would be a big seller on ebay.
That is Matt alright . Bringing up the rear as usual. And he wants to play me one on one in basketball. Boy what a contest that would be. Might have to spot him a couple of baskets thou:D :D
Hey Randy
You are right about the facial hair. Topps would make a bundle on that But the card with his picture on would really be scary:eek: :eek: