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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids

this is the same helmet he signed for me in Feb. that didn't come out that well, figured before I get it filled up I'd just pay $25 to get a sig that stands out more then the not so visible HUGE one that took up pretty much the opposite side of the helmet. Even though I read Sparky is/was sending back things saying he isn't signing fan mail anymore I might just send this out to him anyways since Jack said if I want Sparky on the helmet I better send it out to him now because he doesn't think he will be around much longer :(
Congratulations on the helmet.Sad to hear about Sparky, he is one of the all-time great managers in baseball history.
I have also heard that Sparky is still returning items signed, but his signature has worsened. So I was speculating that he health is deteriorating and I'm trying to trade for a signed card of his (same for Harwell). Good job on Jack!
How was the turnout in GR? I went to the one in Lansing and there wasn't alot of people. They were starting to get busy half way through but a friend of mine and I were the first and second in line with no one there.

He got to the store early and was walking around so I asked him "Who was your toughest out?" He said "who ever was at the plate." Now that makes sense I guess as a competitor but not really the kind of answer I was looking for.
was a decent line at the beginning but towards the end they were just standing around talking and wasting time since they didn't want anyone showing up at last minute that bought a ticket and missed him, I was told they weren't expecting that many people for him anyways