Jordan PSA ?


Bench Warmer
Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble with a PSA 1986 Michael Jordan mint 9 card that I bought on May 4th 2018. I verified it on the PSA site, they had the seller’s name the picture of the card. It all checked out. I purchased it on Ebay from the same seller that owned it declared by the PSA site. ( I have pictures to prove my claim). Anyway , a year goes by and I find myself in a bit of CC dept. I put the card up on Ebay and the same day I get a message from a cust. in Canada stating my card is a fake. I assured him it wasn’t and continued the auction. 2 days later , after many bids Ebay takes it down and sends me an email stating they don’t allow fakes to be sold on their site. I bought the card on your site , I told a service rep from Ebay( its hard to get an ebay rep who understands) , fter a week or so I spoke to a ebay rep who said add more pictures it’ll be fine. Again I did and again , it was taken off by Ebay. I thought that the card looked good enough to warrant a possible up grade to 9.5 by BGS, and to eliminate the PSA in question case and card. Paid ins. and shipping and fee, to be told cant grade “questionable Authenticity” , they nevercracked the case.. I go back to the PSA site to read a new message when putting in the S# To contact Assist manager Jackie C , if I own this card. I called and was told that it was flagged and might be a fake (card or holder or both) . I explained that I only bought it on account that the PSA site verified it, with a picture. Jackie told me they need to get it to discard the case and or card ,to keep with their high standards. Well, I dont want to send oit to her, it would probably just destroyed to save PSA face, and I get nothing in return. I really don’t know what I can do. I am Pissed and am still with CC dept.. Anyways, thanks for reading., Lost for words and soon to be non collector, Craig