Junior Spivey Card. Need help.

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Sep 19, 2006
Sandy, OR
Received this card a few years ago. Looked on Beckett online, and the search results come up empty.

It is Junior Spivey #440. Card looks identical front and back to 2005 Fleer Tradition cards. Copyright says 2005 Tradition.

The 2005 Fleer Tradition set is numbered 1-350. Update card? Search results for "Junior Spivey Fleer" goes from 2001-2004.

There is no record of 2005 Junior Spivey or later Fleer cards. None of the cards that come up in that search are card #440 either.

Anyone know what set this card belongs too?

When did the Fleer bankruptcy hit? Could be a Fleer update series that never made it to distribution before they went belly up got out in the liquidation?
no pic at this time.

I think went bankrupt in 2007. I bought some 06 Fleer and I don't think they had the Upper Deck logo on them, However the 07 Fleer did I believe.