just dropping in ...

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Aug 4, 2008
newberry sc
hi again guys....

just dropped in because i got a message in my email that my bench inbox was full and figured i should take a minute to try to contact a few people to assure everyone i'm still around , just haven't been able to spend time with cards or collecting activities most of this year..

this message goes out MAINLY to drpid and robert326 since i owe the former quite a bit on our back-and-forth trades and was still trying to work up a big lot for the latter....in addition , i think i was working up a small lot for timfsu2k and vasteelersfan....i also see i have quite a bit of new mail in my inbox that i will try to get taken care of this weekend...

and now i'll apologize for not being here more often , but to be honest , 2010 has been a VERY bad year for me as some of you already know (beginning with the car accident with fatality , followed by 3 separate illnesses , a burglary , more car problems , employment issues , a possible eviction , and most recently surgery with lingering complications among other things)....due to all these issues , my collection has pretty much been on hold most of the year....each time i thought i was just about ready to get back into the swing of things i was hit with another setback....

all that said , please give me a little more time to finish getting things in order (on the way back to court over the burglary in about an hour in fact) and i hope to be back to a more normal pace very soon....

i'll close by saying that due to the burglary (some cards stolen , many more damaged by clumsy thieves) i am having to do even more resorting and updating up of inventory and would love to get rid of a couple boxes of base material along the way so if anyone has and special requests for BASE cards (player/team/set needs) from sets primarily from 1987-2004 feel free to drop me a message here or via regular e-mail and i'll see if i can pull stuff aside as i continue re-organizing the mess...

thanks again ,
Claude I wish you well. Real sorry to hear of all the calamities that befell you this year. Take as much time as you need to sort out everything in life. Hope things improve for you soon.

Claude, best of luck to you. I hope 2011 will be a GREAT year for you despite what you've had to endure in 2010.