Local Sealed Shortage


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So I haven't really been involved in the hobby for while now and I've decided to dabble in it again. But I'm seeing that there are a lot fewer companies making cards and even fewer sets (not that this is bad after the glut of issues in the 2000's). What I don't understand though is why everything is sold out everywhere. I didn't buy them very often, but it used to be that target and walmart and the like would have a bunch of different blaster boxes available, but now the shelves are bare. What is driving this? Is it just limited runs of product? It does seem a lot of stuff has been heating up. Even trash wax of the 90's is going for double digits. Any advice on where to buy affordable sealed to scratch the pack busting itch?


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There has been a lot of talk here about the incredible price rises and to tell you the truth none of it makes any sense. The basketball price rises seem to be from a combnation of Kobe Bryant's death and the MJ documentary. I know cards rise when someone dies (which never made any sense to me) and documentaries are a dime a dozen so that really makes no sense to me at least from a logic stand point.

I think there may be less production of current issues due to the pandemic or at least there should be. Is there anything more non essential than sports cards? I can't think of much and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves card collecting. With all the shut downs I cannot fathom sports card manufacturing would be something that would be going full blast. Even just with the social distancing factor within manufaturing facilities I'd have to assume production was cut down a lot.

Maybe with being shut in with this pandemic people were looking for something to do which increased the demand for unopened material due to boredom. With high speed internet, cable, satellite TV and streaming services, I just don't see how anyone could be that bored to overpay for unopened wax. And with massive unemployment you'd think more people were dumping cards than buying them!!

I'll track down a very good explaation of basketball price rises in a topic in the Basketball for tradesale room which is as good of an explanation as I have heard about this price rise.
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