Looking for Vintage Clemente cards---1957 & 1958 Topps base cards

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Jan 26, 2005
I have some Venmo to use....just like title says, only base cards. Not interested in League Leaders, All-Stars and such....just his base cards. Looking for very nice, presentable cards...good centering and crease free--no corner dings. Willing to pay for nicer cards. I'm not getting them graded---not my thing!

Please provide pics if you can or pm me pics!

Here's what I need:
1957 #76
1958 #52
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I believe you expressed interest in the '72, which has zero edge wear (the mark on the lower left side is on the screw down surface); o/wise, the corners have small wear and I would call this EXMT+Clemente.jpg
It was only when I took the image of the back did I notice the little ink lines, that's a bummer, but really the only blemish.

Hands down this card along with the '74 #1 Hank Aaron breaking the Babe's HR record were my two favorite cards growing up.
Dang it, if it wasn't for those ink lines we may have had a deal. Thanks for the closer images and the back.