MARK MCGWIRE!! 2/2, tony larussa 1/1 (pix)

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Dec 22, 2002
west palm beach florida
1st off let me say mark was one of the nicest guys, maybe it had to do with the whole roids thing but who cares he was cool. he came out and was happy to sign everything for anyone who wanted him. i got a ball and he was also another addition on my rookie of the year project i have been working on sense last year. i also got larussa on an 8x10 when he left. this is my 1st day of graphing sense i got sutter, how ever i might be doing twins rays and yankees tomorrow through the weekend if anyone is around and want to do some graphing. here are some pix from today.

edit: i was able to get mac again and there will be a ball for trade in the link here

(at the bottom the photo isnt ripped it just looks like it, its the loader cut open for easy signing)
(notice the lucky hoodie :)
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thanx everyone :)

@entersandman, ya i just took a big break after last year very very awesome spring. i didnt graph at all in the reg season but i have the urge again :)
Awesome success! Can't wait to see all your posts throughout ST-
Best of luck & great way to start!
What time did Big Mac get there? I am heading down later this morning.

lmk thanks
they open the gates tomorrow onto the fields at 10. i dont know what time he got there today, i didnt get there till later because i wasnt going to go at 1st. if you see me tomorrow give me a hollar :)