Merry Christmas to all!

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Feb 9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
My wife and I will be leaving for our annual post Christmas vacation the day after Christmas! Here we come Mickey Mouse! :

First just wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And hope to post a big week long of TTM successes when we return!
Dont be expecting warm weather, been cold the last 2 weeks. Think 60's would be your high. And your walk around downtown disney at night will involve a sweater for sure.
Have a good time...don't ever go to Disney around summer....the parks and resorts are FULL of people from Brasil that are rude as's like a foreign vacation, haha. Hope your mailbox is full when ya get back!!! :)
I can't believe its this time of year again, where did the year go? Anyway, merry christmas to everyone
Merry Xmas, guys are the best.This site blows away the others..Peace out