Need help with a bat for autographs

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Apr 8, 2008
Looking to purchase a bat to get autographs on... This will only be for my personal collection and I will be picky with who I get to sign it... I was wondering if anyone knew which bat is the best for signatures, are they all the same or is it like with baseballs, cheapos don't work as well? Does anyone know how much they run to get a major league model.... Does a regular sharpie work best with these?

I have an idea of the answers to some of these questions, but I was wanting to double check with someone who has some experience with this because I know when it comes to getting autographed baseballs, the type of ball you get signed and the type of pen you use will affect how nice it looks and how long the signature last.

thanks for any help
I would personally suggest the Rawlings Big Stick blonde model. That is what I try to use a lot of the time and when signed in blue sharpie, looks great. Not sure how much you are wanting to spend on them either, but you can order it straight from Rawlings fairly reasonable in my opinion. Here is one on their site for instance:


Exactly what I needed! $25 is right in my price range (was willing to go up to about $40).... Thanks for the help!

If you can get one without gloss, as the sharpie signatures will slowly fade. I've gotten several bats signed over the years. Or if you get a black bat a liquid silver/gold pen looks great.
There has been problems with blue Sharpies on bats and them fading over the years. I would go with a black bat and gold or silver autos on it.
I have seen silver paint pens on black bats, they look very nice.

Be careful when buying bats, some players have contracts to not sign or even use anything but Louisville Sluggers. Some players will not sign bats at all, only balls and flats.

Best of luck - Chris
if you are to get a black or other dark colored bat I reccomend using a silver paint pen over a silver sharpie, you can tell a huge difference on multi signed items.
Black bat signed in Silver Sharpie


Ash bat signed in Blue Sharpie


Where do you get the bats engraved at. I want to get the Cubs HOF's + Legends on a bat and want to get it engraved. Looking to start a new project. Thanks for the help