OK admit it


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Who picked up boxes or blasters of cards for them selves while holiday shopping for others?

I'll be first: 2 blasters of Topps update from Target. Nothing too good.

I know that I can't be the only one who does this.

Fess up!



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I alway's do I tend to get the shopping cart that seems to finds it way to the card section were It just happens a blaster or two some how
finds it's way into the shopping cart..and I have no clue how this happens and when I shop with my wife she knows that look I get and she
caves in and let me get a blaster


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Not I. Waiting for the 2015 Topps to come out. At this time no extra funds due to remodeling our kitchen. It was a Christmas gift to ourselves.

But I have been known to do it inthe past. ;)


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My WalMart usually has a horrible selection. Especially this time of year. But if I wanted non-sports stuff I wanted, they're loaded with that.

But my last two boxes did me just fine, so I won't complain much.


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well,of course I do.If everybody in the family is gonna get what they ask for during Christmas,as head Santa Claus,I'm gonna make sure I have a thing or two under the tree that I want.It beats the heck out of some horrible sweater...or socks...or drawers...