One of my most favorite IP days to date

Ellis Shoe

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Hey guys, I had the opportunity today to go to a luncheon at the MBraves stadium where Mr Phil Niekro was the special guest. It was one of the coolest things I have ever gone to. He is hilarious with his stories and it was touching when he talked about his relationship with Joe. I took several cards and was really only hoping to finish off my two duals. Boy was happy when he finished and then asked if I had anymore! lol Not sure that any are getting traded right now as I am still enjoying them. Here are the scans:



Those are terrific successes! Phil is a funny guy, as was his brother, Joe. I remember listening to the game Joe hit his only MLB home run. Ironically it was off Phil. Yes, it was a knuckler. There was a picture of Phil in the paper the next day. Joe was rounding second behind him, and Phil had his head down, but you could tell he had a big smile on his face. I sure loved watching both of those guys pitch.