Panini Redemptions


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So, I'm submitting my first Panini redemption in quite a while. Once my code is accepted, it give me two options:
* Wait for this redemption to be fulfilled(will be reminded again in 120 days if not fulfilled)
* Request Rewards Points in lieu of this redemption

Obviously I know what happens if I select the first one, but what happens if I go with the points? Does it tell me how many I would get before agreeing to it?

It's an Adrian Morejon auto from 2020 Optic, just a base auto if that matters.

Any help would be appreciated!



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I believe what I read is they give points based on half the value of the card. Whatever that means! I don't think they tell you how many you get.

The 120 days is BS anyway. I have 2 over 120 days right now. They are supposed to either give me a option to get a replacement or points whichever I choose.


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I have a redemption waiting for 18 months. Tatis Jr auto from 2019 Donruss. Just put in another one from Absolute a week ago (Ben Zobrist) and the Tatis disappeared from list when the new one was entered. Panini is a bunch of thieves!!!!! Something needs to be done. Customer service number doesnt work. After 60 seconds of stupid ads it hangs up on you.

Everyone that has been screwed by Panini needs to stand up and we need to find a way to correct there ineptness.