Post a pic of random sports or non-sport memorabilia you own thread

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Program from the perfect season.
Oh wow! I had forgotten all about those old Pro! game programs even though I have few kicking around here. Those were so cool! From what I understand there are no programs anymore at NFL games.

Speaking of the perfect 1972 Dolphins season, it is hard to believe that the Dolphins did not hold home field throughout the AFC playoffs. They lalyed the first round at home against Cleveland but the AFC Championship was played at Three Rivers in Pittsburgh. The best record did not get you home field in the playoffs because they rotated which division would host from year to year.
I did not remember that.
I sold hot dogs at the Orange Bowl that season. Got to watch the 4th quarter of all the home games on the 50 yard line.
Billy - A family member worked for a printing company many years ago, and she was able to grab them for me before they were cut into the booklets.

I believe the CD was released in '98 if I remember correctly.