Post Office Unsuccesful..

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Jan 22, 2007
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Man, I got a package today from an ebay seller that arrived stapled up with a
"found loose in the mail" stamp on it. I opened it up to see if the (8) Maddux Jersey cards were in there and there was only 4.

The Seller packaged it in a bubble mailer and had sent me an email before he mailed it and asked me if I was a big Maddux fan I responded "Sure Am!" and he said he was going to send me a bonus with the Game Used and he Included a USA graded 9.0 87 topps traded Greg Maddux.

Unfortuantely the Post office has done it again and failed a delivery. I could get severely upset but, I set forth in a previous thread to donate these Maddux Jersey's for Yankee Legacy Cards and while I am Disappointed, I dont want to take away from the generosity of the seller and the intent for the Maddux's. Its a Shame there wasnt (8) as expected.

Theres been a change with The Maddux's as noone has sent me mail yet regarding them for Yankee Legacy, A friend has inquired about them and needs them. They will swap something for what they need and those items will be offered for yankee legacy
cards, sorry for the switch up somethign good will be exchanged to offe ron Yankee Legacy cards.
: )
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