PSA: Send in yourself vs. Find a dealer that already has an account


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I have joined PSA twice before and was underwhelmed by the gradings I got back. There is the whole conspiracy theory that volume submission dealers get better grades.

So, I think there are 6-8 cards I'd like to get graded, but I just don't feel like doing it myself would get me the best grades possible. Am I just having anxiety, and everything is fair? If not, How do I find a dealer or person that sends cards into PSA that I could pay to do it for me?


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Some card shops do it. There is a guy on blowout website that sends in multi person group submissions.
I have an order sitting at BGS since June 26th.
If somebody here that I knew and trusted did group submissions here Id probably participate.
It seems that a lot of psa 10's are being awarded lately but maybe submitters are getting better at picking which ones to send in.