Pujols Card That is either a unissued card or error

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Mar 18, 2009
Got this card from upperdeck and have had a few people check it out and one has online beckett and was told that all of his gu cards from 08 heroes should have a serial number to it, mine doesnt have one. Its the grey colored card that I guess is called charcoal but the charcoal card should be serial numbered but mine isn't. I have no idea what that means
You mention gu used.....normally all of the gu used are serial on them.....if you talking about the base cards.....retail or charcoal base is not serial.....on the hobby side....the base cards have two different versions..one is gold look to it and the other has a darker brown color and theres are not serial...I purchased some gu/auto navy blue color...and on the back it only states gu card....apparently they placed an auto on the front of the card in error (callled upperdeck and spoke to the customer service rep...mailed copy of the front and back of the card to customer service rep and he stated the above information..that auto was placed in error). Best regards, David
All I know is that its the grey colored card and it has his gu piece on it with no serial numbered card, no idea if its hobby or retail as upperdeck gave it to me.
This set is full of error cards. It would make a nice additional to someone who's collecting the Pujols cards!! There was also someone who pulled a serial card from the 2008 ud heroes and it had a strange 150/149!! Best regards, David
lol, that is a big error, the one I have can be argued whether it is or not but you cant argue that one at all
Just a common error probably. If you got it straight from UD as a replacement or something, they probably made those just for that purpose. Of course, there is a bunch of stuff out there that Beckett doesn't list that was packed out.
No error. As stated above, it is a retail version that is unnumbered. I have the Bill Hall, and I have seen several pass on eBay since I got mine. And yes, Beckett is off on the checklist. Using Hall again as an example, Beckett listed that Hall has a Red Jersey/AUTO numbered to 10. Nope. The card is actually numbered to 38.

tim- have a bunch of webbers rookie cards from fleer ultra and the inserts from that year as well, if you still need any
tim- have a bunch of webbers rookie cards from fleer ultra and the inserts from that year as well, if you still need any

I'm good on all his rookie stuff except for his Finest Refractor. Thanks though. As for inserts, I only need a couple of his really, really tough pulls from that year if you have any.