question about beckett values


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I use beckett for book values on cards today tho while adding cards i got in the mail today i see different values listed.
when i looked up a the value of a 1961 carl yaz cards it shows a bv of $50.00

when I added the same card to my collection in the organization part
it list the cards value at $125.00

so my questoin is why the different values and what one should i go by if say trading by bv

the bv that states $50 is real time value is that the sale value

got me confused

card number I am talking about is 1961 topps card number 287 carl yaz

if you look it up add it to your collection and you will see what i am talking about

any help understand the trade value would be nice since I have 2 graded versions of this card comming in the mail


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Beckett prices are a joke. Who knows.

They still have the 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Jeff Francoeur at $40. It sells for under a couple of dollars. The last one on Ebay sold for 99 cents. A BGS 9.5 sold for $10.51. Even at cards stores I have seen it or under $10 and at shows for around $5.

At least Tuff Stuff has it at $10.

Just venting, since most people trade at book value and the book value often times is no where near market value.