Questions About Accumulating Base Sets


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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with a few answers. I am interested in the best (cheapest) way to accumulate base sets, but I do want to ensure that the cards are truly MINT condition and handled with care (like I would ensure if I bought boxes and opened them myself). For example I notice that a box of 2012 Topps Heritage that I would like to obtain (base set only) is about $50/box. I am thinking that I would need many boxes to complete a full base set and the cost would be prohibitive. How can I get a base set but ensure that the cards have been handled perfectly and are MINT?



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First off cards unless graded by PSA or Beckett are considered near mint meaning no visible damage

If your interested in set building most either by a hobby box or blasters packs etc etc and build the set via trades
For $50 you can go buy a 2012 Topps Heritage base set w/o SP's for less than $20 on Ebay
You can also trade/buy starter sets usually 100 cards or more

On my site I have set fillers/base listed link is in my sig line I usually sell base commons for 10¢ each with stars priced around 25¢ each
the more you buy the cheaper i can go per card


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just curious , are you looking for any sets in particular ?

i'm a bit of a condition freak myself and all through the 90's and early 00's i used to build tons of baseball , football , and basketball sets , some complete with short prints and others simply base only ....i still have dozens of complete hand collated sets plus a few factory sets stored in one of my back closets along with hundreds of partial sets (most of the partial sets are 80-95% complete).....most are from 1993-2002 ....i'm currently down to one month left to find a new home so i'm looking to lighten the load and raise some much needed funds to help with the search .....

soooooo if you can use anything like what i've described , let me know and perhaps we can work out a deal , be it one or two simple small sets or even a medium or large flat rate box full ....i also have over 100 large boxes of base material (MOST from 1986-2004 plus 2007) if you decide to build sets yourself and are looking for bulk deals to fill holes in them.....