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Jan 10, 2007
Denair, California
Well its been a busy week juggling going to games and working, but it was well worth the lack of sleep. On the 8th I went to the Modesto Nuts opening day and got the San Jose Giants and a few of the Nuts I needed. Everyone signed everything I gave them.
Last thursday I went to the Oakland A's vs. Orioles for "snuggie" giveaway which the gf wanted. I went to try and get the O's but they were in a horrible mood because of their losing streak. I did get Justin Turner on a vintage O's hat I brought with me(not pictured).
On saturday went to the beginning of the Portland Fresno game and got a few guys. Last night went to the beginning of the Stockton Inland Empire game and did extremely well. Cole St. Clair is a funny guy! I handed him a stack of cards he said "hahah where did you get all of these? LOL How many is this, 20?? Well, you're not the worst guy ever. There was a guy in kane county last year who had a album with 5 pages front and back of me, I think he was stalking me."
Left the game early and hit up Modesto vs. Bakersfield on the way back to get some of the Bakersfield guys. Some of what I got is scanned. If interested in any extras LMK.









thats a ton of autos, congrats. i used to go see kyle russell and brandon belt a lot when i lived in austin..they were both always very nice and humble...
wow incredible haul, I should have sent my 50/50S to you but I am sure the guy I sent them too will get them done as well haha
wow incredible haul, I should have sent my 50/50S to you but I am sure the guy I sent them too will get them done as well haha

yeah its tough for me to do 50/50s since I have so much of my own stuff to get signed. I'm sure you're guy will do good for you there arent many guys who try to get autos there.
Awesome, I will post it up now. I will prob wait to send until I get our 50 50 stuff this weekend done. Did you see the trade I posted for that yesterday?
i would be interested in a cole st clair....good kid from nephew would love one...
Very nice,Was Portland Pretty good about signing?I am going to a few games this year,and I have never IP'd Before,Thanks
I forgot to put a SASE in with our last deal....would you still be willing to send me one with a SASE if I get one to ya? Send me a PM and lmk ,thanks!