Red Moore Ginter TTM Address...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT

Does anyone have the address for Red Moore? I would like to get him on his Ginter card. I know that he requires a donation but I can't find the address anywhere.

Thanks in advance,

here is what I got from his handler dude:

[email protected]

Thanks for your interest in Mr. Moore's history. Please send your card along with a donation of $10 to the following address:

Gregory White
4200 Rue St. Dominique
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

I will get Mr. Moore to sign the card and he will appreciate the donation. Mr. Moore is currently featured in the new book " Baltimore Elite Giants"- author Bob Luke and pictured on the back cover. Thanks for being a part of history and please share Mr. Moore's great history with others that you know.
Thanks Lance! I gave the number a call from the website and he said $5 was the fee, and that he could have it turned around in about 1 week.
I have a unsigned Red Moore Ron Lewis ***** League Postcard (Series 2) available if you want that to get signed. The postcards are a little smaller than 4x6 and are beautiful. I broke up a second set and already had a card signed by him. It looks like this but unsigned. It's very hard to find unsigned as the sets were unproduced and haven't been on the market since 1994. 01_1.jpg