Rookie here riding the pine

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Jul 6, 2010
Plano, TX
Hey guys, just introducing myself. I collected ALL baseball brands hard & heavy from 1997-2000 until I just got completely overwhelmed. The card collecting bug has bitten again but this time Im gonna limit myself to Bowman Brand ONLY!! (The last 4 months I've gone crazy with Topps, Heritage, & A&G...)I can't be doing that so I have to limit myself, but I am gonna try to do Master sets with all the parallels (except the 1/1's of course).

I collect Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, Chipper Jones, Ripken Jr., Griffey Jr., Big Mac, Minor League stuff, Auto's, and any Bowman, especially parallels & refractors.

I hope to become established as a great trader here & complete many sets & help those completing their sets.

So with that I want to say Hi, & I hope to get to know many of you "out of control" collectors that are like me.