Show off Your Unique Baseball GUd Cards Here!

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Nov 22, 2008
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Brainerd, MN
Hi, just wanted to share these nice cards with you guys. Not For Trade!


~Cristian Guzman/ Jacque Jones 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Ball card OI-GJ (stitches)
~Shannon Stewart 2005 Prime Patches Portraits Quad P-63 148/150 (hat piece has part of the "59 Fifty")
~Harmon Killebrew 2003 Donruss Elite All Time Career Best Pants card AT-13 231/400 (part of pants piece has edge or something ???)
AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE CARDS EVER.........................................
2002 Diamond Connection Bat Around Furcal/Vizquel/A-Rod/Tejada BA-FVRT (piece of Batting tape on piece of Vizquel's bat!!!)

I dont pay much for my cards. Got the ball card for maybe $5 or $10, Stewart Quad for about $5, Killebrew for about $5, and got Quad bat as an inserted GU in an Artifacts box for $20. Hope you like these. Thanks, Curtis BABERUTH#3
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Wow! maybe I should start a thread for other people to show their unique ones too. I just found, today, that a Reggie Bush jersey card I have has a part of the rubber material that is around his number. BTW, how did you get that many of one card? Thanks, Curtis BABERUTH#3
I have more but here are a couple I have scanned already--


Awesome cards, Meliah. I hope you get more awesome cards of him to get you closer to them all. Youre doing a pretty good supercollector job already! Thanks for posting, Curtis BABERUTH#3
Thats nice to see there are more hat band cards out there to possibly get in packs. Thanks for posting. Curtis BABERUTH#3
BTW, how did you get that many of one card?

Hi Curtis, I got them from ebay. I don't know why I really loved this card when it came out, I think because it lists the actual game the ball came from. That's hot. :D There are 100 of them, so I don't think 6 is really sooo many to own. I just couldn't let these awesome logo pieces go, and the boring one is #001/100 so even that one's a little exciting.

Coincidentally, setting out to own as many of 1 card as possible is a mission I have set out on many times, but this is not one of them. 100 is too many, I usually stick to print runs of 25 or less.

Like this one, there are only 22 made. And I figured 2 sets of collectors would want it...


I'm getting off topic though, since those aren't too unique. My bad! :)
Hi, even though it is off topic, those are still pretty nice with some good players on them. Thanks for posting, Curtis BABERUTH#3
Wow, a better than usual patch is always unique. Love the laundry tag card. Hope I can get one someday. Thanks, Curtis BABERUTH#3
If anybody has another bat card with a piece of the batting tape, please post a pic. Never seen another one before. Just wondering. Thanks, Curtis BABERUTH#3

It has a Piece of Jersey/Fielding Glove/Bat


It has a piece of bat from the 1999 Season Where he hit 65 Home Runs


Piece of Stadium Seat
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When done properly, I enjoy game used cards more than certified autos.







These I no longer have:
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