Sportsbuy/Naxcom sucks

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Jul 2, 2005
For me...Here's why, the sellers are clueless and sportsbuy's customer service and policies are horrible.

Unfortunately, Sportsbuy, like Beckett's Marketplace, etc all do serve a purpose for my collection as there are always a "need" or a "want" on the site from time to time. I'm member 5193 which means I joined a LONG time ago. And in that time, I've had so many issues with them.

In the last month, I made 4 purchases after going 6 months without visiting their site. One transaction was finished ******. The other 3, all disasters! All three cards "meant" something to me Jersey # card, jersey # card and rare quad auto.

Problem Case #1:
Bought on 4/13: 1997 Collector's Edge Masters Night Games Prisms #19 Mark Brunell (Serial #8/250 - his Jersey # with the Jaguars)

Seller emails me several days later and states I'll send when I get back from my trip on the 18th. I was happy with the communication and left it at that. I had forgotten this purchase until 5/6 when I filed a dispute for Problem Case #2 (below). Just like #2, the card had not arrived and a refund was issued in the form of a credit to

Problem Case #2:

Bought on 4/19: 1999 Pacific Paramount Premiere Date #108 Mark Brunell (Serial #11/62 - his jersey # with the Saints)

Emailed seller on 4/29 and he finally updates it as "sent" on 4/30. However, due to the policy of sportsbuy, I may be SOL if I do not file a dispute by the 12th day which I did not. I did file a dispute on 5/6, 16 days after the purhase and voila got the card on 5/8 with a postmarked endicia stamp on 5/6...what kind of BS is that?

Problem Case #3: Sportsbuy allows buyers to list their want items with prices that are willing to pay. I have a total of $5772 in my current buy listings. To this date, sellers have executed 5 items from the list and all 5 have ended up as refunds because the wrong card was sent or the card mysterious never arrived.

Case #3 is no different. A seller executed this card on my buy list on 5/4 (which happened to trigger my memory of Case #2 and then case #1):
2004 Ultimate Collection Signature Quads Peyton Manning / Donovan Mcnabb / Byron Leftwich / Mark Brunell (Autographed - Serial #/5) at $225 plus an outrageous $8.60 for shipping!

Immediately upon receiving a sportsbuy confirmation, I checked to see what I bought. It was marked shipped on 5/4 and the seller listed a USPS tracking #. I checked the tracking # the next day, only to find out it was one digit short and I emailed the seller to get the the correct #. He replied - we'll do. We'll do became I'm sorry I got the numbers mixed up and it was the insurance # of which I paid for $300 so don't worry he said (except insurance numbers are vastly different from delivery confirmation #) and I'll mail out by the weekend. I said great but can I have insurance reply. I patiently waited everyday for my mail as this card was a white whale of my at one point. Following the sportsbuy policy this time, I opened a dispute on the 10th day when it didn't arrive with mail that day. The sellers response to the dispute, was I though you got it since I didn't hear from you....and then the seller agreed to my dispute and a refund was credited to my sportsbuy cash account.

If you sent a $225 with insurance would you agree to the dispute that fast?!? In other words, the seller didn't have said card. UGH!
As for sportsbuy, emails concerning my transactions to the customer service and dispute addresses resulted in ZERO replies. Lastly, if I buy (or the seller executes) an item and I use a credit card, why isn't my credit card debited when the transaction fails?
Am I out of line in saying sucks?
My first purchase there never arrived and I did not know there was such a short period in which I had to file my dispute. The second time the item wasn't available so I got a refund. I did get $5 from them via a show promotion and spent it a month ago on two cards I needed for a set. One of them was the wrong item but at least the seller was cool about giving me a refund.
The original Naxcom was a great site. Especially when they had free shipping on all VIP members a few years ago. I used to spend ALOT there. These new owners though..

I was selling on there until about a year ago. I signed up for a free trial of the VIP service for a month with no obligations to buy it. There was no mention anywhere that you would have to cancel or it would keep charging you etc etc.. So I tried it and forgot about it mainly due to the lack of sales and no email updates. A few months later, I finally get a sale for a .20 card.. I log into my account and see that I OWE $40. They just continued to charge me. I did get them to cancel the charges but it was difficult to get through. I emailed, I called a few long distance numbers and left messages, I tried the "live help" which happened to never be live. I eventually got through with someone on email. All throughout the email conversations, they continued to try and sell me the VIP service. "If I try harder, I might make more sales" , "You have so much potential to make more money using this" etc etc. I was so irritated with this. I wanted to tell the guy off but I was just relieved to get the $40 off of my account.

So I ship out the .20 card that someone paid $2+ shipping on. I shipped in a bubble mailer because you're not supposed to use PWE's and it still ends up costing .04 into my .20. Where did the shipping money go? Fees.

I had around $1.50 in my account that I just left. One day, I went to the site just to check for any new RJ milestones and came across one for .25 + Shipping. Shipping was the $2+. So I ended buying the card for high BV and guess what? I got that card in a PWE.

I try and avoid that site all costs now.
I have never had a problem with them... I have not bought from them in awhile though as I think I tapped them out on stuff I need. Their live help feature was pretty good at one time.

From my experience, Sportsbuy/Naxcom was and IS the king of PWE shipping!

I would say Sportlots is the king of PWE shipping, even when you use their "Premium" feature where bubble mailers are supposedly required.