The 2011 Collecting Goals thread

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Oct 16, 2006
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Hi Everybody!

As we get to the end of a great 2010, I wanted to get a thread posted about 2011. Last year's thread was great, with updates all thru the year. I am hoping that this one will be just as good, or better. Let me know what your goals are for your collection in 2011.

My goals for 2011 are:

Work more on my vintage sets. 4 are below 20 cards till completion.

Get to 80% on my 2005 Absolute Tools of the Trade GU/Auto set. Currently at 65.5%.

Get closer to finishing my 2008 UD YSL GU set. Currently at 31/42.

Complete all 3 series of 2011 Topps.

Thanks everyone. I hope that 2011 will be great for everyone.
basically same goals as 2010
1) Finish My 2003 Score Football set
2) Finish My 2007 Fleer Baseball set
3) Increase my James Starks collection
4) Complete 20 Buffalo Bills Team Sets
5) Complete 20 New York Knicks Team Sets
6) Complete 20 Buffalo Sabres Team Sets
7) Organize my cards
8) increase my ttm collection
9) move up into next rank of bench HOF
My one goal for 2011 is to obtain my main Pujols want. Not the 2001 Bowman Chrome (that's wayyyy outta my price range) but rather a 2001 Donruss Signature Albert Pujols AU RC /330. I'd even offer up my 1994 Upper Deck Mantle/Griffey dual auto in a trade for one but I'll probably end up having to sell stuff and buy one on eBay.
1) Finish off the 2008 A&G, 2008 & 2009 Heritage baseball. 2008 UD Heroes football. 2007-8 OPC hockey sets. (this year I will finish them off)
2) Complete the 2010/11 Score Glossy hockey sets including all the sp's & ssp's.
3) Have over 750 different baseball autographs
4) Have over 500 different football autographs
5) Have over 3000 different hockey autographs (this one will not be hard)
6) Have over 100 different basketball autographs
7) Get 4 of the 5 Habs Inks autographs I need to finish the set. The last one I will need has not turned up yet.
8) Get all my autographs scanned and get a up site for them.

2010 Topps Baseball and Football Base sets

Continue working on Topps vintage sets
- Baseball (72, 70, 69)
- Football (80, 74, 73, 71)

Here are my goals for 2011.

1. Become a Mark Grace Supercollector.
2. Take over the lead for most trades in the state of Arizona.
3. Finish more unfinished sets.
4. Enjoy another great year with all the wonderful 'Benchies' I have had the pleasure of trading with.

Thanks, Rich
My goals are the following:

Move up a rank in the Bench HOF (need some more posts)
Work on my vintage TTM autos
Freddy Sandoval
Josh Gibson
Goals for 2011--

--Finally finish making my new web site!

--Pass the 2500 card mark for the ***** League collection.

--Go crazy at The National in Chicago this year.

--Obtain some higher end autos I have been looking for like Paige or Campanella.

--Just started making sets so I would like to get organized doing that and maybe finish off a few.

--Get more supplies for the sets...binders and pages and the such.

--See how close I can come to the 3000 Bench points mark:)
1. Get rid of a lot of commons to clear out space
2. Keep slowly working on various autograph projects

Not too many goals this year really. Too busy this year with school/research to do very much. Love to check out other people's collections though,

Get a few more really old cards for my Yankees collection, 1930's and older.

Get as many Yankee cards as i can from the 2011 regular Topps set and the 2011 Topps Heritage set (all the base cards, and then any special cards that interest me).

If they come out with T206 and A&G, those dont interest me, i have 21 original T206 Yankees and i just want the real thing.

My number one goal though is to BEAT MY CARD-BUYING ADDICTION!!!!!!! I have spent a small fortune these last couple of years on vintage Yankees cards, and its time to stop before my wife shoots me.:eek:
1 - Get to 300 unique Adam Lind cards. Currently on 141.
2 - Bust at least 6 hobby boxes. It doesn't sound much but I have to take into account a high shipping cost as well as possible import taxes.
3 - Stick to a budget!!!
1. Buy a Mantle, Aaron, Mays , and two cuts to finish off the second monster walmount display case.Then give them to my niece.
2. Pick up a few more HOF autos for the other display cases for her.
1. Get to 3900 different Chipper Jones cards. Currently at 3510 on 12/31/10.
2. Get to 200 different Joe Flacco cards. Currently at 86 on 12/31/10.
3. Get to 150 different Ray Rice cards. Currently at 50 on 12/31/10.
4. Completely redesign my hobby website and add my Flacco and Rice cards on there along with my Chippers.
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My goals will be very reasonable this year.

1 - Hit 26,000 different Red Sox (currently at 23,800 or so)

2 - Pick up 12 more 1972 Topps Baseball for my set (currently at 692/792 counting the 5 variations)

3 - Pick up the last 10 cards I need to complete my 1954 - present Topps Red Sox team sets

4 - Get to 521 different Ted Williams cards (current 480)

5 - Organize and update my lists more often!

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Reach 4000 Maddux cards
Reach 300 Varitek cards
Reach 300 Youkilis cards
Reach 400 Clement cards
Pick up 2-3 more Aaron needs
Sell off/trade off everything else
Reach 800 Purples for my set
With the help of some key bench people I was able to complete my goals of last year more quickly than last year.

This year I am looking at getting my different A's player autos up to 500, and get up to 22.5% of all A's cards made (including the new releases of 2011).

Edit: Add 10 more A's bobbleheads to my collection.

Best of luck to everyone on their collecting goals.

- Chris
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  • 1. Finish The Bench YSL project!
  • 2. Finish the 2003 timeless treasures gold set/Only 25 cards lefted in this quest!
  • 3. Take another shot at the Benchies awards next year!
Happy Holidays, David