The Mystery Rays Superstar Has Arrived! (and A Trade)


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Hi guys whatsup, I'm pretty excited to post this now.

Well as I mentioned in a couple of my other 'success' threads I had been waiting on a Rays superstar (didn't name the player). I sent into a private signing and paid $22 and had the player sign and personalize to me on my set card.

And the mystery player is.....





Mr. Carl Crawford :D :D :D :D

Pretty stoked to get him on my set... which makes me 39/350 complete. I am kinda wondering where my Mark Buehrle is, because people who sent after me to him (I sent like August 20th plus or minus a few days) have already had success ???.... but still waiting on lots of other things so hopefully more stuff to post within the next few days.

Oh ya, and a trade also :cool:

Thanks jayb for the sale.

Well, that's the update for today, thanks for reading! Hopefully I will get some IP success tonight when I got to the Phils/Giants game.
Happy Graphing to all,